Our Services

.Writing Compass


Writing Compass specializes in the highest quality editing and personal assistance

      for all academic writing from high school assignments through doctoral dissertations.

                                                                             Editing services include:

                  Organizing ideas/brainstorming


                  Developing the project from introduction/thesis statement to conclusion

                  Attending to all grammar and spelling conventions

                  Ensuring the focus is maintained, and the flow is logical

                  Verifying MLA, APA, and Chicago formatting style for footnotes, endnotes

                                                                 and Works Cited page


Job Applicants

Brainstorm resumes

Organize content

Edit resumes

Shape cover letter.

English Language Learners

Personalized attention to grammar and spelling needs

Concentration on improving comprehension of written text.

Writers and


Edit manuscripts

Craft memos

Sharpen proposals

Refine written and oral presentations.

Creative Writing

Support for poetry, short stories, plays, fiction and nonfiction includes:

Adding sensory detail

Sharpening descriptions and dialogue

Developing character

Setting scenes

Ensuring all general editing assistance.