Frequently Asked Questions                

                                    What guidelines should I follow to contact Writing Compass?

The goal of Writing Compass is to give you substantive help as you generate, organize, revise, and improve your writing.  In the initial contact phone call or email message, you should describe the assignment/project and identify the kind of assistance you are requesting.  Following the free consultation, your written work can be submitted at any stage of the writing process.  The customized editing service will give you as much assistance as you desire/need to enable you to create and complete a quality writing product.

        What makes Writing Compass different from the tutoring/writing centers and paper mill websites?

Writing Compass is more than a tutoring service.  You will receive practical, essential suggestions for refining your product so that it meets the requirements and fulfills your goal of a high quality outcome. 

Writing Compass is also different from the paper mill websites.  If you are seeking a ghost writer, you will have to look elsewhere.  At Writing Compass, we work with you to improve YOUR assignment or project.

After reviewing an actual sample of the editing capabilities at Writing Compass (select the "Editing Sample" tab), you will be confident that you have found the website that meets your editing needs. 

Writing Compass

Submitting projects

      It is easy to submit your project for the editor to proof, review, revise 

  according to the assistance you specified in your contact email or phone call.

           Simply send your project, in the form of a WORD document, as an

      attachment to the website email:


What can I expect when my paper is edited at Writing Compass?

Unlike other editing services, we go far beyond polishing writing, and offer comments on a paper's adherence to grammatical rules, construction of argument or topic, evidence of an organizational framework, and sustained focus throughout.  The editing you can expect encompasses copy-editing and extends beyond simple proofreading to include sensitivity to inconsistencies, ambiguity, and repetition.  The following is a partial list of the attention to writing and grammar that the editors at Writing Compass will give to your work.

 Active voice


Comma use

Consistency of style


Effect v. Affect

First person elimination


Identifying overly-subjective tone

Over-use of quotations




Scholarly precision and tone

Series commas

Subject-verb agreement

View the "Editing Sample" tab to see an example of the editing you can expect from Writing Compass.