Providing Assistance From Concept  to Completion
Fast Turnaround Time

We can typically return a completed edit of 10 pages within a day or two.  Longer essays or research projects will require three to four days.   Theses and dissertations may take a week or more to carefully edit.

Reasonable Cost 

Our work is customized for each of our clients.  A typical ten-page high school essay is $2.00 per page. College projects are usually $3.00 per page. Longer projects of 30+ pages are edited at the high school rate of $2.00 per page.

Personalized Attention

One project manager will be available to you via phone or email during the editing process.  We're easy to reach, and won't disappear when the work is completed.  You can count on us for revisions and after-support. 

Do you need help organizing an essay, research project, term paper, thesis or dissertation?

Do you need assistance with the editing phase?

Does your creative writing lack vitality, or is it at a dead end?

Do you simply want another opinion before submitting your project?

Let the Writing Compass professionals lead you in the right direction.

 Are you adrift in a writing project?

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